Sam Mejia-Tickner



Samuel Mejia-Tickner is a passionate professional in the music and entertainment industries. Having recently completed his master’s degree in Music Business from NYU, Samuel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the panel. With a strong academic foundation in music production, coupled with over four years of practical experience, Samuel is well-versed in various facets of the industry.

Prior to his master’s program, Samuel served as a Cultural Arts Manager in Bogota, Colombia, where he successfully curated and executed an agenda aimed at fostering the development and transmission of arts in the city. During his master’s studies, Samuel pursued internships in esteemed organizations, further expanding his knowledge of the industry. At Sony Music Entertainment, he worked as a Royalty Operations Intern for eight months, gaining valuable insights into artist, soundtrack, and third-party agreements, as well as their impact on royalty obligations. Subsequently, his internship at Reservoir Media’s Copyright and Licensing Department enhanced his understanding of copyright administration and digital licensing within the publishing world.

In his final semester, Samuel undertook internships at Jingle Punks, a creative audio agency/production music company, and BMG, which he secured through Music Forward’s internship program. At BMG, from January to May, he deepened his expertise on the synch licensing process, from initial quote requests for song usage to the collection of due royalties. Throughout this time he assisted the team with issuing quotes and licenses, researching copyright parties and splits and also reaching out to clients on expired quotes.