Ragnar Olsson


Ragnar Olsson – SR. MANAGER, BD

Hailing from Lund, Sweden, Ragnar began learning music at the age of 7, playing clarinet and saxophone in the school band. His interests quickly shifted as soon as he picked up his first electric guitar, and has since been performing and recording rock and funk music. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Ragnar moved to Austin, TX where he started his own pedicab company as well as working as a real estate agent. While operating his pedicab during the SXSW music festival in 2012, Ragnar met Jingle Jared. Every year during SXSW the two collaborated doing marketing and promotions for the company. Becoming increasingly intrigued with the music industry, Ragnar sold his pedicab company, made the move out to Los Angeles, and joined the Jingle Punks!