Maia Mohammadi



Maia Mohammadi joined the Jingle Punks Music Catalog team in November 2021. After graduating from Chapman University in Orange, California with a degree in business and television, she began her career at NBC in production – working across shows like ‘The Good Place’, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’. As a music obsessive, Maia has always been mesmerized by the power of music to picture and decided to set her sights on a career within this intersection. Since then, she has interned with the Guild of Music Supervisors, mentored under seasoned sync professionals and music supervisors, and worked with independent artists to create, protect, and pitch their work. Previous to Jingle Punks, Maia worked with Pasadena based composing duo Elik Álvarez and Juan Cammarano – assisting with catalog management and administration. She is also an artist, musician, vocal producer, and television nerd who is most excited by genre bending scores and theme songs.