Joel Silver


Joel Silver – COMPOSER

Joel S. Silver is a Canadian composer with a broad set of musical interests. A classically trained pianist and percussionist, he discovered electronic music at a young age, which put him on the path to composition and production. Originally a small-town boy, he moved to Toronto to study music at York University, focusing on South Indian (Karnatic) Rhythm and Electroacoustic Composition – yes, that meant splicing tape.
Joel soon found his way to the film and television world, where he has composed themes, scores, and libraries for a diverse set of clients, including BBC, CBC, Discovery, Much Music, SexTV, National Geographic, and Channel 4 UK, to name a few. On the more experimental end of things, Joel’s music, sound design, and software creations have been featured in several critically acclaimed installation and performance art pieces.
Joel spends his spare time jamming with his kids, flying kites, and writing screenplays for movies that no one will ever see.