Jeff Jeudy


Jeff Jeudy – COMPOSER

Jeff Jeudy’s love of music jumps all over the radio dial. Hip hop, R&B, rock, indie, singer/songwriter, and funk… he’s musically fearless. Jeff saw the light at six years old after receiving a copy of KISS’ Dressed to Kill.

Jeff attended the School of Performing Arts (immortalized in “Fame”) as a fine arts major and later spent three years in Los Angeles, where he worked in the administrative offices of a cemetery. Those folks were dead, but he wasn’t. Jeff put in time at BMG Music and co-wrote the track “Baby’s Song” featured in the 2007 independent film Traci Townsend.

Since June 2009 Jeff’s been putting the rock in comedy as the Musical Director of the sketch comedy group AMERICAN CANDY. Amid his return to New York, Jeff’s musical journey landed him at the doorstep of Jingle Punks, where he is contributing as a composer alongside some amazing people… all living.