Drin Tashi



Drin is deeply engaged in all things music, combining his roles as a Music Producer and Artist Manager with substantial experience. As a versatile composer and producer, he has contributed to diverse projects, from composing and producing for his own project SYTË, to commercials, animations, film and collaborations with other artists. His work as an Artist Manager with SYTË involved strategic rollouts, show bookings, cultivating a substantial online following, and securing notable press coverage.

An Artist Manager Internship at Red Light Management refined his administrative and social media skills, aiding the management team at Red Light. He has also finished an internship at Jingle Punks, where he assisted in music research, client solutions, and enhancing customer experiences through live chat support.

Complementing his practical experience, he has garnered certifications from Berklee College of Music and AWAL Academy, elevating his expertise in music business, artist development, and composition. In pursuit of his passion for music, he remains dedicated to continuous growth and innovation, striving to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.