Brian Wahlund


Brian Wahlund – SVP, CONTENT

Brian Wahlund comes to Jingle Punks having successfully criss-crossed the worlds of television, film, commercial production, and branded entertainment for the bulk of his Hollywood career.

Having met Jared Gutstadt in 2005 in NYC while Co-Executive Producer at FUSE, the two immediately struck up a personal friendship focused around Brian’s groupie-like following of Jared’s old band Group Sounds – and through a shared love-hate relationship surrounding Jared’s insistence on using the edit suite as a personal storage locker for his amp collection.

Brian’s body of work includes supervisory roles in properties on Fox, ABC, NBC, and MTV among others, along with a stint traversing the world in 2006-2007 running branded content for a litany of Red Bull’s global properties. He’s been brought on to craft strategy to continue to grow Jingle Punks both here in the USA, in Los Angeles where he’s based, and throughout the world.