Isaac Hayes III may share a name with one of the greatest soul and funk musicians of all time, but his rise into a prominent production career was no free ride despite his late father’s unparalleled success. Hayes III pursued music at a young age, but had to work his way up from sparse deals for hip-hop beats to finally striking a large stride in the mid-aughts, producing tracks for hip-hop stars like Lil Scrappy, Ying Yang Twins, Chamillionaire, and many others, all under his production moniker, Ike Dirty.

Much like his father, Hayes also has a golden speaking voice, and has been featured in many ads and TV shows, namely as the character Broodwich on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. We recently spoke with Hayes about the many hats of his career, as well as the influence of his father, the advantages of scoring for TV over commercial beat-making, and how apps like Vine have changed the entire game altogether.