Jingle Profile: Hurrah! A Bolt of Light

Hurrah! A Bolt of Light are a band that’s hard to pin down in terms of sound. They have a youthful spirit in their presentation, but their frame of reference seems to mine their Dad’s old LPs. On their new self-titled album, highlight “Ten Feet Tall” goes straight for Hall & Oates and even a little Hill Street Blues theme for its hook, but balances it with some 2014 pop rock power. “I Sold My Soul” likewise has a torch-holding Springsteen quality, but has a slick approach and execution thanks in part to producer John Fields who plays off all the band’s strengths, particularly nailing every nuance in singer Wil Farr’s rustic voice.

Having worked on their new record for far longer than their previous efforts, this album has been described as a sort of rebirth for the band. Listening to it, you can hear how it sounds like a fresh start even if you are unfamiliar with their older work.

Check out our interview with Farr at Jingle Punks Magazine and get their new album over at Bandcamp.