Jingle Punks at Real Screen Summit

This past weekend, Jingle Punks CEO Jared Gutstadt stopped by the Realscreen Summit, the leading voice in non-scripted television, to speak at the Music Matters master class panel. There, he spoke of Jingle Punks’ success starting with the creation of the Pawn Stars theme which accelerated us into where we are today.

Alongside David Vanacore and George Macias of Vanacore Music, he gave an insightful overview of the importance of music in reality TV, and answered several questions on how to bridge the language gap between music production and TV production.

In addition to the master class, we also dropped some nifty Karate Kid-inspired ads into the restrooms, because why not when you’re kicking the piss out of the competition?

Check out some pics from our time spent at the Washington Hilton here.