Jingle Jared Featured in Crain’s, New York

Check out our illustrious CEO Jingle Jared Gutstadt in the new Executive Inbox in Crain’s New York Business. Jared explains how running a business is like running a rock band or artist’s career (something he also covers in his Rock ‘n Roll CEO column over at HuffPo, natch.)


You’ve said many times that you see lots of parallels between rock bands and startups. What are they?

Well, the leader of a band is really a CEO. In my band I was playing drums and bass and writing songs, but I was also organizing rehearsals, getting publicity, putting tours together. Tours are a necessary evil for a band. In a company, meetings are. Another element of a band is how you pick the right people and put them in the right roles, either creative or operational or both. It takes a lot of management skill to pull it all together…

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