Jingle Jared in Fast Company: Can the Musical Middle Class Be Saved?


“Musical middle class” is a phrase I hadn’t heard before.

It used to exist. It doesn’t anymore. The musical middle class would refer to people who would back in touring bands, or would play in studios on sessions in Nashville, or people who used to get work as jingle writers. That went away for the last 10 years.

When I was an artist, it was harder and harder for me every year to make a living. We’d break our backs filling up our van going from town to town in the hopes of sparking a fan base or having the right manager see you. But the musical middle class, for me, are the people who make a living off their music, who pay their bills, are able to get benefits, and continue to grow as an artist. And if we can contribute to that in any way at all, I’m happy.

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